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Microblading is an art - 



Meet Our Lead Microblading Specialist

 A B O U T   H U E M O N   B E A U T Y 

 A B O U T   H U E M O N   B E A U T Y 


Deyonne is the Owner, Founder and the Lead Permanent Makeup Artist of Huemon Beauty LLC.

Deyonne is passionate about helping her clients find personalized solutions in semi-permeant makeup that help to empower them in all facets of life. She is committed to providing the highest level of professional care, treatment, and customer service. She has impeccable precision and a unique artistic approach to each client she serves.  

Deyonne started her Microblading & Permanent Makeup Journey in 2018. Since then, she has completed 3 trainings which equate to 200 hours of education and hands on learning with some of the nations highly recongnized Permanent Makeup Academy's such as; 3D Brows Academy in Daper, Utah (June 2018 &  May 2019) and Shay Danielle in Calgary, Canada (August 2019). Deyonne has worked on over 60 clients to date and has also recieved training to be re-certied in Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP) each year of service.  

Deyonne has an un-paralleled artistic talent that has allowed her to excel in different areas of artistry and prompts her to pay close attention to detail.  Deyonne graduated from the Art Institute of Washington with a degree in Fashion Design and shortly after designed clothes for a small group of clientele that consisted of new and upcoming artist in the DMV area. She was also the lead designer at a local design house in Maryland. For nearly a decade, Deyonne worked and thrived as an Executive Assistant to C-Suite professionals in various industries such as Corporate, Non-Profits, Health Care, Entertainment and has also thrived a Personal Stylist for many years! With all of her experience, she is the best at pivoting and transfering her skills and knoweldege to tailor specifc needs and desires of her client.


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Huemon Beauty was created upon the idea that all humans are beautiful - yes, every single one of our hues were created with divine intention, purpose and nature that makes us special. Our original thought was to spell the name as “Hueman” but felt like “Huemon” bridged together the power of the masculine and feminine energy within all of us. We are all divine creations of nature and coexist with nature itself. The hexagon takes it to another level as it points right to the heart of our origins. The hexagon is arguably the most powerful and fascinating symbol as it is believed to be one of the oldest symbols ever used. It teaches you the more you look at it and reflect on it.

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