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Machine Shading - No Hair strokes

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Service Details

The Ombre' Brow/ Powder brow is one of the newer forms of the eyebrow's semi permanent makeup services. This service is done using a digital tattooing machine as  it helps to give the brow more definition and depth. This style is also known as the "Makeup Brow " look because the finished result renders a fuller looking brow that looks great with a full face of makeup. You can choose from a few select dimensions - soft, full or bold.


Since this is a two step procedure, you will come back to us within 4-6 weeks for your touch up. During this time, we will go over any areas in your eyebrow that did not fully take the pigment or needs additional enhancement.  Once completely healed, those strokes tend to blur out and render a natural, feathered appearance.


Service Includes:

 Initial Appointment

 4 - 6 Week Touch-up

Luxurious After Care Kit (After both sessions)

FAQ's & Additional Resources

Ombre' Shading can be done on a variety of skin types however, it’s  a great alternative for individuals who have oily skin. Ombre' Shading has the best retention compared to microblading. Shading it also the most versatile because we can use it alone or pair it with microbladed hair strokes.It is also very important to note that great results come from the combination of our artistry, skills/knowledge and how healthy and strong your skin is.


Ombre' Shading typically takes the longest to complete during your first session. On average, it can take between 3-4 hours to complete because we have to ensure the brow area is saturated evenly. This is done using a single machine needle to give it the a defined look.


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