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This video has graphic content that may be uncomfortable to view. We are certified professionals in permanent makeup and saline tattoo removal. This procedure should not be completed at home & most certainly should not be performed by someone who is not certified/licensed to perform this procedure in their specified area. Please take a moment to check your state and county regulations as it varies widely from state to state.


Saline (LiFt) tattoo removals is an alternative to laser tattoo removal. Although the removal process may look/feel somewhat discomforting, it is generally less damaging (if done correctly) & often times yields better results than laser removal. The laser removal treatement pushes pigment into the body to allow your natural detoxification system to carry it away. Saline removal pulls out the pigment from the skin through osmosis. This is peformed with a single saline solution and a rotary machine - in ciricular motions, we attempt to remove the pigment from the skin in multiple "passes". A "pass" is considered a full wave of removal (as seen in the video above). We aim to complete 3 "passes" of removal for each brow (or identified tattoo) during each session.


Saline tattoo removals can be peformed on traditional body art tattoos or permanent makeup tattoos. Depending on the size of the tatoo, it can take (and more than likely will take) serveral sessions to remove/lighten to the best of our ability. Clients are numbed throughout the procedure to help maintain their comfortability. After the session is complete, clients should expect to be sore and have a good amount of lymp and blood on the surface of the procedure area which is needed in order to extract the pigment from the skin.


It takes about 8-12 (at best) weeks for your skin to heal before you can come back for another removal session. Comming back before this time period is not allowed as it will jepordaize the healing process and create extreme scaring in your skin tissue.


Service Includes:

 Initial Appointment Only

After Care Product For Healing

FAQ's & Additional Resources

It's important to become aware of the risks associated with this treatment. Most especially for individuals with darker skin tones as they have an increased risk for hyper/hypo-pigmentation. It's important to research the in's and out's of service completely! 

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