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Hair Strokes Only 

Service Details

The microblading process implants a high quality pigment into the upper dermis (outer layer) of the skin through the use of a manual hand tool. This hand tool is made up of various micro, disposable needles that allow us to accurately mimic hair like strokes in the skin to either reconstruct, fill in/over gaps and thinning hair.  Immediately after application, your brows will look fuller with crisp hairstrokes. Since this is a two step procedure, you will come back to us within 4-6 weeks for your touch up. During this time, we will go over any areas in your eyebrow that did not fully take the pigment or needs additional enhancement.  Once completely healed, those strokes tend to blur out and render a natural, feathered appearance.


Service Includes:

 Initial Appointment

 4 - 6 Week Touch-up

Luxurious After Care Kit (After both sessions)

FAQ's & Additional Resources

Microblading is a semi- permanent cosmetic enhancement that creates the illusion of fuller looking eyebrows. This popular hair stoke technique that emerged from Asia and has been on the steady rise since 2015. When applied to artistry, microblading mimics the eyebrow hair growth pattern to provide a natural looking, realistic result.


This technique has a variety of names such as; Micro-stroking, eye embroidery, permanent cosmetics, feather brows, the floating brow, 3D Brows, 4D brows, etching, powder fill and more!


Although microblading is considered a form of cosmetic tattooing, it should not be confused with “solid brow” or “traditional” tattooing. Check below for more information on this service! 

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